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   Munro No : 4
   Height : 4236ft (1291m)
   Grid Reference : NN963972
   Translation:Hill of the barn
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Cairn Toul ROUTES

Nearby Munros
Sgor an Lochain Uaine - (0.6 miles)
The Devils Point - (1.5 miles)
Braeriach - (1.8 miles)
Ben Macdui - (1.9 miles)
Carn A Mhaim - (2.3 miles)
Monadh Mor - (2.4 miles)
Beinn Bhrotain - (3.1 miles)
Derry Cairngorm - (3.4 miles)
Sgor Gaoith - (3.9 miles)
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Cairn Toul is one of the Cairngorm greats. The Munro can easily be combined with its neighbouring peaks of Braeriach, The Devils point and Sgor an Lochain Uaine to make undoubtedly one of the finest expeditions Scottish mountaineering has to offer. The eastern face is steep and craggy as it is bitten into by a variety of corries and gullies. The western facing slopes are much more forgiving and can be ascended fairly easily. Like its neighbours Cairn Toul is a big lad. Standing at 4235ft it makes it the 4th largest Munro. The Devils Point is connected SE of Cairn Toul by following the eastern rim of the corries connecting the two. Sgor an Lochain Uaine lies NW of Cairn Toul and again can be walked to fairly easily hugging the eastern face. Although bitten into by many smaller corries the entire group of Munros rings round one large corrie called Garbh Corrie and is a formidable sight from any angle.

There are many routes to Cairn Toul but all will demand a long walk in. Approaching from the south up Glen Dee seems popular, with the option of staying overnight in Corrour bothy at the head of the glen. Climbing all 4 Munros is a tough day but extremely rewarding. You can however split this into several days on the hills if it seems too much.

Cairn Toul SURROUNDING MAP    (Pop Out)
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Cairn Toul - AREA MAP
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