Glen Affric and Strathfarrar

These munros are situated centrally and nearest to the west coast but almost invariably are accessed from the east side of Scotland using single track roads which penetrate the long glens deep into the heart of the area Within this area there is a group of hills to the north of Glen Strathfarrer which make a good day. They can be climbed from Glen Strathfarrar helped by the use of a bicycle or two cars. Currently there is a gate at Struy and gate keeper controlling access to this road with, I believe, a limit to the number of cars allowed into the glen. It is open daily from approx 9am to 6pm ( Sunday may be different), which makes the round of the 4 hills a bit of a rush. If you are not out by 6 then I think they panic a bit and start searching. This can be circumvented by staying in the holiday cottages which are a couple of miles inside the gate and permits the free run of the glen. The honey pot area of Glen Affric gives access to the largest group of munros within this area. The road up the glen is a very scenic drive and the area around the car park at the end is also a scenic spot. From here you can access, using several good stalkers paths, a system of connected ridges to the north of Loch Affric which gives a long high level route between the munros clustered around Carn Eige. If you go all the way west to Sgur nan Ceathreamhnan then you can descend to the remote Youth hostel in Glen Affric. An alternative way to access the west horseshoe of munros around Gleann a Choilich is to camp at the west end of Loch Mullardoch. There is a small book in advance boat service operated from the Dam which will drop you and your camping gear at the west end of the loch and pick you up at the end. This is a particularly good way to climb the outlier Ben Fhionnlaidh. There is good opportunity for high camping in this area too.

Alternatively you can camp on the North side of Loch Mullardoch which gives access to the other main group in the area including the mile long virtually flat ridge of An Riabhachan. This is a remote place and it is a long way to walk in from Loch Mullardoch dam There is a nearby bothy of Maol Bhuidhe to the west which can also be used to make these remote hills accessible in a day trip, This bothy is best approached from the west either via Iron Lodge or over the corbets in the Killilan forest and is a full day trip to get there. There is little or no fuel in the vicinity of this bothy. If you do walk (or cycle) the track to Iron lodge take a break to visit the falls of Glomach which is Scotlands highest single drop waterfall at 375 feet. It is buried in a gorge and takes some effort to find the best vantage point..

The munros to the east of this area including Sgurr na Lapaich can be accessed either from Loch Mullardoch dam of from Loch Monar at the end of Glen Strathfarrer for a day trip.

In this area when it rains the rivers, particularly those flowing into Loch Mullardoch from the north, swell very quickly and can make river crossings dangerous or impossible so be prepared for a long detour or to wait for the waters to clear away.

MUNROS IN Glen Affric and Strathfarrar
A Ghlas-bheinn
An Riabhachan
An Socach ( Glen Affric )
An Socach (Loch Mullardoch)
Beinn Fhada
Beinn Fhionnlaidh (Glen Affric)
Carn Eige (Carn Eighe)
Carn nan Gobhar (Strathfarrar)
Carn nan Gobhar (Loch Mullardoch)
Mam Sodhail
Mullach na Dheiragain
Sgurr a Choire Ghlais
Sgurr Fhuar-thuill
Sgurr na Lapaich
Sgurr na Ruaidhe
Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan
Toll Creagach
Tom a Choinich
Glen Affric and Strathfarrar Area Map
41.8 km Loch Leven hotel

69.9 km Ardlui Hotel
Nr Arrochar


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